5 Anal Sex Dos and Don’ts for Beginners

The head of the penis and the clitoris are the two most sensitive body parts in men and women, making them the ultimate erogenous zones. But which is the second most sensitive part, you ask. Take a guess. It’s the anus. Yes! Thousands of nerve endings make the butthole an extremely sensitive spot to play with during sex.

Anal play is wonderful and can be extremely pleasurable when done right. Contrary to popular belief, it requires quite a bit of preparation beforehand. Don’t be fooled by what you’ve watched on Pornhub where the actors have anal sex almost spontaneously. Those are movies, and they have a lot of preparation before they film the scene. One of the must do preps is cleaning and getting the butt hole ready for some serious pounding. So if you are a beginner, yet to pop your anal cherry, it’s helpful to keep some factors in mind before you start tossing each other’s salad.

Beginners’ Tips to Amazing Anal Sex


How to Clean before Anal SexAnal Douching is what you should be looking for. It is a process of cleaning the bowel before you indulge in backdoor play, to clear the tract of any feces that may be present. There are many types of Anal Douches available at Sex Toy Shops – Both online and offline.


Cleaning is an important part of the preparation for anal sex. Without proper cleaning you or your partner could get feces on the penis, and that would generally not be a great feeling to begin with. Yes, sex is messy and fun, but if you are not too fond of having your partner’s excretory matter on your body part, cleaning is among the must do preps before you start to explore the backdoor for pleasure.

Lube it Up

Unlike the vagina or the penis, the anus does not self lubricate. It is an extremely delicate area filled with nerve endings and tissues, and any amount of friction can cause damage to the skin. Also, biologically speaking the anus is only made for exit, not entry. With lube you can prepare the butt hole and the rectal passage for action. There are many kinds of lubes, but your best bet would be silicone based ones, because they do not dry quickly. Usually a few drops of lube are enough to get you ready for backdoor fun.

Do NOT Use Desensitizing Creams

Desensitizing creams will numb the anus and the area around it, which may cause wear and tear of the tissues. Once you have numbed the area, there is no way of knowing whether your partner is pushing your threshold of pain or discomfort. You would rather feel the discomfort, so you’d know when to ask your partner to stop.

Keep it Relaxed and Horny

Don’t just go ahead and ram your junk into her trunk. Take your time, play around with different body parts, tease each other and get your juices flowing. Foreplay is as important in anal sex as it is in vanilla sex, so be sure to have a lot of fooling around with each other before you decide to explore the backdoor. It will relax your body and make the anus more receptive to penetration.

Start Small

Don’t rush anything in sex. First times are generally weird and awkward for both partners, and anal sex for the first time may be equally discomforting. Keep communication clear and transparent between you and your partner, so both of you know when to stop if the other person feels any discomfort. Start with a finger and lots of lube, and slowly graduate to toys. In the beginning, small butt plugs or probes may be used, and you can move on to bigger and thicker toys when both of you are ready.

Remember it is more about enjoyment than anything else. If there is anything that you don’t like, immediately ask your partner to stop. Nothing should be forced, and you shouldn’t be doing anything that you don’t want to do. Even if it is to please your partner.

Relax, lube up and enjoy. And if it gets weird, you are allowed to laugh.

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How to Turn a Tired Woman On In Bed

couple in loveYou’re both tired after a long work day, and it is time to hit the bed. As you change into your bed clothes, you feel that familiar stirring down there. Despite your efforts to calm things down, you realise Mr Knish has developed a mind of his own. Chances are slim you think? Because she has already declared she is tired and doesn’t really want to get any action tonight. Worry not. There are still ways to get her into the mood and have a great time in bed. How, you ask. Here are some unbeatable things you could do to turn your lady on, so both of you can have a good time before you zonk out for the night.

These are not only bed time tips, and can be exercised even when both of you are in the mood. These small moves will serve to heighten pleasure for both you and your woman.

Massage Her Back and Buttocks

Everyone likes their tired muscles to be kneaded and stroked. Take the onus of giving her a slow and sensual massage to soothe her tired muscles. Start at the shoulders and approach her buttocks slowly. Buttocks remain unattended many times, but this region is filled with sensitive nerve endings that will perk her up quickly. To make the movements of your hands smoother, use a bottle of massage oil or erotic cream on her skin. It will soothe her muscles as well as her senses.

Use Your Hands and Lips

Leave a little trail of kisses starting at the corner of her mouth and going down deliberately and slowly, allowing the sensation to sink in. Let your fingertips follow the path left behind by the kiss trail. You can vary the pressure in different places. Have her close her eyes and give in to the sensation of your touch. Do this while you undress her slowly. The anticipation and the pleasure will rejuvenate her and get her all hot and ready.

Push Her Against a Wall or Door

This one is a move wilder than the others mentioned above, so tread carefully. If your lady is very tired, she won’t take the pushing and shoving too lightly. It will not only kill the mood, you may end up sleeping on the couch for the next few days! This move is best navigated if both of you are back home together, so as soon as you are indoors, you can hold her against the wall and kiss her passionately. Don’t be rough, be gentle and cajoling, and you may well have her melting into your arms.

oral sexStimulate Her Little Joy Button

That’s the clitoris, Sherlock. This little nubbin is packed with thousands of nerves, more than 8,000 to be as precise as possible, and each of these sends pleasure currents to her brain and then the entire body when the clitoris is stimulated. If you are holding her against a wall, gently part her legs with your knee, and rub against her pubic mound. This will gently stimulate her and get her world spinning. Don’t be surprised if you find her humping your knee within a few short seconds.

And oh, you’re welcome.

Stimulate Her Lesser Known Erogenous Zones

Everyone knows a woman’s breasts, clitoris and the vajayjay are the hot spots of her body. But what about her back, buttocks, neck and the other lesser explored sensitive zones? Stimulate one or all of these to get set her onto a vortex of pleasure:

  • Back of the neck
  • Throat
  • Earlobes
  • Hollow beside the collar bone
  • Upper inner arms
  • Arm pits
  • Backs of her knees
  • Inner thighs
  • Pubic mound

While you make these moves on your lady, be attentive of what she is digging, and which moves she is not. Remember even after you bring on your best game, she might not still be interested. Be gracious enough to let things be. You could ask her if you can get a rain check. Research says that if people feel that their partners are willing to wait, their response to sexual activity increases.

So get going, Tiger!

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Everything You Need To Know About Prostate Massage

Prostate MassageWhat is the Prostate

Forming part of the reproductive system, the prostate gland rests just below the bladder and in front of the rectum in men. Its job is to produce semen, the fluid that helps carry sperm from a man’s testicles. It plays an important role in reproduction, hence it should be taken care of regularly. Prostate massage is one way to keep this gland healthy and running, providing a lot of medical and health benefits. Not to mention the sexual benefits of a well done prostate massage.

The prostate enlarges in size as men age, and what starts off being the size of a walnut, by the age of 60 can become much bigger. An enlarged prostate may bring various health problems along with it, though not all men suffer from it. A prostate massage therapy can help prevent, fight and treat the problems of the prostate.

Why Prostate Massage is Good for Men

Reduces Risk Of Prostatitis – A regular prostate massage can clears out the prostate of pent up semen, thereby clearing the gland. When the prostate has not been stimulated for a long time, bacterial infections may occur.

Reduces Urinary Problems – In many cases elderly men are at the risk of developing Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH. It is characterised by irregular urination, problem urinating and feelings of the bladder not being empty even after peeing. An enlarged prostate squeezes the urethra and causes BPH. Massaging the prostate may help treat this problem.

Helps Overcome Impotence – Prostate massage releases help up semen inside the gland and stimulates it to produce more free flowing semen. This increases the circulation and helps combat impotence.

Better Ejaculation – A properly done prostate massage by a qualified health care giver may produce four to five drops of prostatic fluid. This white fluid intensifies ejaculation in men, and leads to heightened orgasms in many cases.

Better Orgasms – Many men have reported having intense orgasms when their prostate has been stimulated. Multiple orgasms are also not unheard of!

Does Prostate Massage Hurt?

NO! On the contrary, it produces orgasmic sensations in men, when done properly. Whether you are using a prostate massager or getting it done by a health care professional, prostate massage itself doesn’t hurt.

Can External Massage Help?

While it is true that the prostate can be stimulated externally too, the main benefits of a prostate massage come from stimulating it internally. Massaging the perineum (the area between the testicles and the anus) brings similar pleasurable feelings during sex. But for medical purposes the prostate has to be stimulated internally.

How to Massage the Prostate?

One can massage his own prostate with the help of different prostate massagers available in the market, but it is done better when a partner is involved. But first things first. Locate the prostate first by inserting your finger and finding the gland located in front of the rectal wall. There will always be a thin membrane separating the rectal wall and the gland, but massaging through the thin wall is enough to get you the unicorn of orgasms.

So… now that you know everything you need to know about a prostate massage, get going. A well massaged prostate makes a happy man!

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5 Reasons Why You Should Have Sex

Young couple enjoying in their loveHowever much the society tries to shove topics about sex under the carpet, it essentially is an integral part of being alive. It is one of our primary needs like food, water, air and shelter without which a healthy existence is not possible. The Hierarchy of Needs theory by Abraham Maslow suggests that sex is one of the basic needs paired with the others mentioned above.

Here in this post we take a look at why sex is important for sustenance and also what role it plays in keeping a relationship alive and healthy.

Relieves stress

Sex acts as a great stress reliever for humans. During sex the body produces various hormones, which relax the body. These hormones collectively are pet named Happy Hormones. Research shows that the body reacts similarly to activity between the sheets like it does to chocolate and exercise.

Burns calories

A vigorous session in bed with your partner can burn up to 200 calories! Sex increases the heart rate and makes the body pump in more blood into your muscles and veins, making you sweat at the end of the session. This helps in burning more calories as it does when you exercise.

Creates bonding between partners

One of the hormones released during the act is Oxytocin. That’s the Love Hormone we are talking about. Oxytocin creates feeling of love and trust between partners making the bond closer and more concrete. Couples who have more sex regularly exude positive vibes towards each other and also touch each other more often even in public. PDA (Public Display of Affection) is stronger in those who indulge in the act often.

Balances hormone levels in the body

If you are getting the action frequently it shows on your skin! Women often notice a glow on their skin after a fierce night of passion, and what can we say – It’s love. The skin remains flushed when sex is regularly in the offing, making you smile more. It also keeps you happier than people who are not doing it frequently.

Reduces risk of breast and prostate cancer

Making out regularly has its medical benefits too! Research says if you are doing the horizontal rumba more frequently, there are fewer chances that you will develop breast and prostate cancer. The human body loves a bunch of balanced hormones and is happier when you make ‘em work.

There are hundreds of reasons why you should be having sex regularly, apart from the main factor of procreation. It makes you feel sexy and loved. So go ahead and get the Rumba going!

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Keep the Flames of your Love Life Burning Bright!

unhappy couple

Sex and physical intimacy is undoubtedly an important and integral part of every relationship. However, with passage of time and banality of everyday life, that burning desire for closeness and intimacy dulls. A flashback to the earlier days of your relationship will help you recall how you and your partner would be eager to stay close and not miss a chance to touch and feel each other! If you feel your sex life has taken a beating, don’t worry! You can easily get it back on track by working on it with these simple tips and have a passionate love life!

  • Talk and communicate

Initial days of your love life were full of exciting explorations of desires, intimacy and fun. Try to recreate those magical days by rediscovering each other’s desires and preferences. The best way to do this is to talk to each other, listen and understand how your partner is feeling. You have to give your partner space and be patient in hearing out. There could be initial inhibitions to open up completely, but you have to be patient and come back to discussing the issue. Sweeping it under the carpet will not help at all!

couple having sex

  • Sex is much more that intercourse

The first thing that comes to people’s minds while talking of sex is orgasms and penetrative sex. But most experts opine that sex is much more than that. It has got a lot to do with giving each other appreciative glances, eye contacts, touching each other, whispering sweet nothings, hugging each other and other non-sexual innuendos that heighten anticipation and excitement.  These are things that you can continue doing through days that ultimately end in passionate lovemaking. Ample display of affection will do your relationship a world of good!

  • Discover yourself and your needs

For these things to work, make sure that you yourself are open to arousing stimuli and are aware of your desires and needs. Once you have re-established that physical attraction, bathe together, massage, kiss, undress each other, let love speak and let your senses soak and drown in these revelations. Discuss with your partner what you enjoy and leave the rest to them!

  • Different amounts of sex

This is a common problem that dims out the passion in couples. Two people in a relationship may have different needs, one may need more sex as compared to the other partner. Talking and communicating is again important. This is a problem that can be solved with partners helping each other with masturbation or sex toys instead of a complete intercourse for the one who has a higher sex drive.

Young happy couple

  • Get ‘WE’ Time

Plan activities that you and your partner can do together and have some ‘we’ time. Get enrolled for a sport or some other physical activity, go biking, cook, plan sudden date or movie nights, etc. that give you the opportunity to spend quality time together! Indulging in these activities will reignite the closeness between the two of you.

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